Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Wonderful Holiday....part 1

the new year and d new sem has already started.....but i damn couldn't forget what were happening during my sem oliday!!its pretty lucky to be a trainee teacher coz ur oliday is totally same wif school all of my family members will be gather around me.....since everyone was parents would take us 4 d family first and foremost.....we were going to Kl....for my big bro's convo...Congratulations emy....since we were already in Kl and Shah Alam..we took dat opportunity 2 walk around there......from Plaza Alam sentral to Sacc..went straight to Sogo and Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman (my mom was very busy shooping 4 everything)..then we moved on 2 uptown at

on 2nd day of vacation..we continued our journey 2 danau kota (ade sungai..main rendam kaki)..then we went to klcc......suddenly i told my mum 2 bring me 2 d Aquaria (i hven't been there b4)..Its so amazing....i dun believe that i could breathe in underwater and playing wif all various species of fish,turtles and marine life...ya..maybe it was smaller than Underwater World..but ..i'm hving fun thre....u should go thre if u free..hehheee

3rd day of oliday...we just went 2 UItm Shah Alm..4 my brother's convo...Hopefully i could have dat kind of experience soon.......


  1. well done afiq! finally u join the blogging team. This post is interesting coz alot pics. Good start.

  2. weh afiq..wat la chatbox sng sket nak komen nyer
    aku xsabo nak tgk part y waterfalls..aku mls la nak story kat blog aku skang
    t la aku story..perhaps ble da de kat aussie

  3. hheheeh..thnks dota..fizan aku dah upload chat box...ko jgn x comment pulak

  4. yeah~~ at last, afiq has a blog too...hehe^^
    nice blog, bro...keep it up~~