Sunday, February 20, 2011

New semester

Yeah.....after a long summer break- it was indeed too long for Malaysian students-....class will be starting today....IMPATIENT...NERVOUS....EXCITED....AFRAID.....all these feelings running through within me..

However...this semester comes with new resolutions and plans which are:


- Improve my social and communication skill
- Be more serious on my studies and readings - esp weekly readings
- Try to mingle with as many foreign students as possible
- Gain more experiences by participating in significant and beneficial activities.
- Explore Sydney till the end of the route...hehhee :)
- Try to do some part time works $$$$$
- Jadi hamba yg lebih baik and concern with my religion's stuffs.
- Be a filial piety son towards my beloved parents and family...

Plans :
10 things MUST DO before i end my study here this year:

1. NZ trip - this time Christchurch, Dunedin and Queenstown will be attacked and conquered.
2. Tour de' Adelaide during autumn break .finger-crossed
3. Whale watching in Sydney ..woott...woott
4. Newcastle expedition ... yup sand-boarding and all around it..
5. Watching fascinating theatre at Sydney Opera House.
6. Tasmania Island trip..
7. Watching movie in Sydney Imax @ Darling Harbour
8. Having picnic @ Sydney beaches .. Bondi, Manly,Maroubra ,Coogee n etc
9. London vacation...if only i can turn objects into gold...
10. Explore all interesting places in Sydney - Chinese garden, Featherdale, Taronga, Lane Cove National park..n etc


Hmm...whatever it is my priority....i want to improve my grades and results...

and ya one more thing...Cohort's stuff..i personally think to reshuffle the organisation and having new election pretty has been a wonderful year...let's share this leadership chance with other lovely coursemates....

That's all for now...may we meet again my blog.....weeeetttt

p/s : badly miss all my seniors C5 i wish they are here right now..... :'(