Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Wonderful parents' anniversary..Part 3

One of d best thing bout oliday is my parents' anniversary is during diz we( my family members) can celebrate it every last year my brother and me had already planned to buy sumthing as presents for mum and abah......hmm so far only both of us have our monthly allowance and and savings.My two little sisters would tide up and do d household chores plus cook and serve for d lunch..hehhehehhe..serve them right...

There is no other ideal places and shoping market as Jusco in Taman U to buy sumthing exclusive but affordable 4 people like us....i've decided to buy a set of belt for abah whereas my big bro bought a pair of green shoes 4 mum....

Then..we moved on to Scret Recipe to buy delightful and special cake 4 d dinner 2nite...after a long discussion wif my brother..we finally chose strwberry choco cake as it looks very delicious eventhough d price was 'boleh tahanlah'....

Dat mum asked us to get prepare....without informing us earlier..she had already set up a dinner at Titi Thai Cacaba Restaurant at Danga sweet..hehheh..

after we ordered d food..we brought up d cake and asked them to cut it and made a wish..hheehe..there were so surprised but it was a beggining..later on..we gave them the presents...and once again mak and abah felt touched and looked at our face..then they asked us 'where did we get all d money 2 buy everything?'..d answer was simple.that was theirs money actly as they gave us pocket money every month...hhhehe..

frankly speaking..Titi Thai is a wonderful place as d restaurant is located at d seaside..the romantic songs complete d condition and make d customer feel good and tempt to stay longer.

while we were mum shared her life experiences esp when she met wif abah for d first time..we spent almost 2 hours there enjoying our food, sharing our stories and viewing d wonderful scenery of Danga Bay at nite..

afterwards...we went back home wif a full stomach..d cake???hhehhehh believe it or not we need 2 days to finish it all...Whatever it is...i always pray for my parents happiness and healthiness....May God bless my family and strengthen our bond forever..i luv mak& abah...u r d best things happen in my life....


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