Tuesday, June 2, 2009

lela mayang

hmmm...it has been a long time since the last time i updated my blog...

my frens keep asking me to update it....ok..ok...but let me find d suitable time...

So the first thing comes up in my mind is to share my experience

during 'Lela Mayang' classical theatre performance.Even though it was held last month

and everyone has written dis topic in their own blog respectively......

but for me myself....i haven't....

so let's talk about it...

First of all thanks for everyone especially da crew (padI members) ,who worked really hard in order to make this theatre a success..

ok..actually it started when one of the padi's members came to me and asked whthr i intrsted to be part of this theatre..guess what..d first answer cme up in my mind was...'i do intrsted but no thnks'..then she asked me to take a look at the script.....and gve my final answer after i read the script..i said 'ok..dont expect anyting from me ya'......

then..after i cme bck 2 my room...for once i read the script..."OmG d storyline of this script is wonderful'.....then for few moments......i thought about d offer...and started talking 2 maself... "dis is a great opportunity..it exists once in a blue moon....n dis is d right time for me to learn about theatre and in d sme time i can polish my potential...if not now for d frst move..when will it be??"so dat nite i decided to join n ready to gve my full commitment 4 dis theatre...guess what i was given a responsibility as an old man called 'Pak Hamid' who could see with his heart not his eyes...

d practise was held everyday...either evning or nite.....it was not really stressfull as we had an enough time to prepare ourself..(d actors n actrsses) .......frnkly spking it is not that easy to become a good actor or actrsses as i think earlier...it is more than you say the words....and it is more than you feel your chracter...thnk God..i hve learnt so mny things through out the prctse session...frm utternces,pronounciation,voice projection, mood n emotion setting and so on...what can i say is thnks for helping me 2 improve myself esp 2 our beloved padi's mama,Mdm Mariah n other lectrs too..

So about two weeks for d prctise in our ipg..we started to prctse at Auditorium P Ramlee a week bfore the peformnce day...dis time we were monitored n taught by the professional theatre activists from another theatre club in penang..... seriously dis time the atmosphre 100% changed when we had a very strain situation esp during our prctse...everything seemd wrong n need 2 be chnged drastically....They did not satisfy with the quality of d perfomnce...as the freshie in this option...i took evrything as new chllnges..evn though sumtimes it hurts me badly emotionally n mentally....but it was part n parcel in learning process..d old people used to sy dat nothing is easy in our life....a lot of scrifies n dtrmintion r required to achieve anyting.......

Alhamdullilah...frm day to day we were getting bettr in our skills n getting closer to one another...i nvr think dat by prtcipating in this theatre would make me closer 2 my senior n junior frm anothr courses like Deakin...ppismp n so on...Seriously...you guys r so sweet n friendly...
hahahaha..once again the sense of prejudice in myself broke ( no need to explain more as i think u guys know wht do i mean).....hmm..gradually i strongly believed that the stigma and gap between another courses in this ipg could be narrowed when we work togther ( togthr..togthr .togthr everyone..qtd from HSM 1)

hmm...finally d day has come...seriously i'm freaking afraid n nervous....most of the lecturers n d students frm my ipg would come and see our prformce....
Thnk God..evrything went smoothly as evryone did their best dat nite...evn though i forgot a line on d frst nite....the crew n actors mnged to cover it..thnks guys....hmmm...but honestly i did not satisfy with my performnce on the frst day....bcos i did not 'all out ' evrything...hmmm then for the final day of performnce...i tried my best to gve evrything to my chrcter n i thought i did it....
Bdw..thnks for evryone who wtched our performnce...and those who gve any comments and praise...Alhamdullilah...i wish i could improve it in future...

For d lecturers n padi members...it was an unforgetable moments in my life...thnks for giving me a chnce to be part of the team...i'm so sorry if i did mistake or hurts anyone esp d busana team for being so demanding (i just teasing n joking..no offence ya)...once again thnks to evryone...i do looking forward to work with u guys again in future...

'They do not, they do not see,
For they see to much and must choose,
We are the fortunate,the dead , the children and I,
For we do not see, For we do not see,
And there is no anger, greed, or lust,
We are the fortunate, the dead , the children and I.
And the wise world moves from violence to violence,
And listens to the voice,
Of the fortunate - the dead, the children and I

( qtd from Pak Hamid's lines - Lela Mayang)


  1. yeah, we had fun, didn't we?

    btw, it is "thank God"..
    no "s"..
    tu ja, saja nak perbetul, so that you won't make the same mistake in the future.


  2. thnk you for d correction..anak pak man..

  3. afiq..nape ko selalu blakon watak atok, anne..takde watak2 len ke??

  4. haha. dh dy dpt wtk tu, dy blakon la wtk tu. klu diberi pluang utk watak lain, confirm dy ttp hebat. kn afiq? ;)

  5. yup aza....its totally right..FYI..i bnyak je berlakon watak len....u je tak tau....dpd fairy tale sampailah babak romantic ..either in class or on stage....tp i tak masukkan evrything....lagi satu..tuk lela mayang ni..i bukan jadi atok...i jadi wise man..u know what..what do people call about my chracter..hmm they do call me as eyes of the show...see....how important my chrcter...hehehehe..