Wednesday, April 8, 2009

my activity ..:P.ramlee nite..

It has been a while since the last time i poured my memories in my blog, few of my frens keep asking me to update my blog..i'm so sorry...but i extremely and damn busy in previous week...dun have much time to upload and jot down my recent activities coz all the struggles made me feel tremendously tired..huhu....but...after i've gone through d busiest week, i hve found d light dat gve me space 2 breathe.Therefore i could share and spend some times in diz blog

hmm posing...before d event start...... wif my rumate..hehehe...comei tak??-)

Last week, few of my frens and me from my cohort (if i'm not mistaken around 16 of us) took part in P.Ramlee nite.this event was a part from art and cultural club (frankly speaking i dun even know dat i am one of the club's members )....nah....first of all, we were asked to presnt one performance dat relate with the theme given ( of coz dat nite is all about P.Ramlee's life including his career)....then after a few discussion..we came out with d idea to presnt Puisila(Puisi,drama and lagu) as my fren asked me a favor to make d script....i've started to search any resources dat relate to p.ramlee life (thnks to my huawei...)..Suddenly...everything changed as Mdm Salma asked me to drop the puisi part and keep going wif d drama.....(those who have given full commitment in the poem recitation..there is no other word i could say except....i'm so's totally not my idea...-kecik,atiq,kak jen...and noni)....

1) d performers and d emcee..ridz menyibuk je.. 2)all the emcee..helmi,aza,mira,afiq,didi,merul

After that my beloved rumate, Hilmi was given a responsibilty to be d emcee for dat nite...and was asked to find another 3 i was offerd by my rumate and diz was a great opportunities for me...i accept d challenge together wif aza,mira, kak didi and abg meerul (add on d emcee as there are some many scenes)..At d first plce, we thought dat we wre going to be d formal emcee as usual....but...Mdm Salma,has come up wif d idea to make d whole performances as one story...and the emcee are d medium to synchronize the d other word we need to act before each performances.....(hehehe....informal way) after two weeks of d struggle and battle in d evening and nite....finally dat day has come....hmmm...i act amazed wif d props and d decoration of everything dat nite...its so
wonderful and inspiring........

On dat nite ,i played several characters...first as a friend ,followed by a lover,husband,'and indian cheti'.so i need to change my clothes few times...huh (it's made me sweat all d times)...!!!Hmm then my cohort presented three short dramas which have been modified from P.Ramlee movies which are ...'Azizah, Antara 2 darjat, and Ibu Mertuaku'.....They did a very good and superb went same to d other performances from other cohort such as

'Kisah Rumah Tangga' ....Bila Larut Malam...Seniman Bujng Lapok and so on....The singing and musical part were so great as we have lots of talented singers and players..

Afterall..congratulations for all of us who did a
great job in order to make dat nite a success....Plus....the speech from our director has proven the glorious victory for all of us from the committee..performers..emcee..lecturers..and d guests....It will be one of d sweetest memorie
s in my life....thanks for giving me diz kind of opportunity......d most important is...d commitment and d cooperation shown by everyone has clarified d sense of prejudice and negative issues between all of us especially me myself..i'm so sorry to my senior..coz before diz i have bad feelings and perception dat bounded me from becoming closer to u guys....dat nite has changed everything...and i personally think dat nite is d Talentime for me.....i've learnt something important that i need to open my heart and give evryone opportunities to know me and for me to know them before i could judge them by my own view.......Thanks God....oh before i forget....thanks for d supportive guests..

hhehehe.after evrything finished.....posing jgn x posing..


  1. Nice post. It was such an enjoyable nite, one dat we will nvr forget. Go Go future teachers! If our teaching career goes in the drain, we can still opt for a profession in acting coz we're soooo good.

  2. too bad.. xdak duet lak nk join

  3. agree with chris.. some of us might be in the wrong profession.. dude, lots of talent was shown that night.. we're just that good i guess.. hahahahahaha (arrogant laugh) XD

  4. the most unforgettable part was..
    u acted s the ceti..haha..adew bakat mintak utang..
    and i think, few years later on, adew la muke ko
    blakon drama astro ria tuh..hehe "anak dugong si duyung"..besh?

  5. AfiQ..Ble kte PRS plak nak wat outing before our flight? Huuu..takut x sempat jerr..

  6. to chris..
    u got ur point..
    but afterall it shows that we r all rounded teachers..we can do many great things that may be included in our teaching sooner...

  7. to kacipkrew..
    nvm lorr...
    i dah suruh u involve dlam my that way..u may save ur money to pay d entrance..
    tp u tak nak...
    hmm skrg spe nyesal???

  8. to anak pak man..
    jgn berlagak dowh...but i do agree that we hve so many more talents..and this event was one of the best platform to unleash it...